What could be more important than a little something to eat?
-Winnie the Pooh

As a wise little bear once remarked, food is pretty high priority. It satisfies a biological need and enables our bodies to function, but it also brings and binds people together. With this sentiment in mind and the reasoning that everybody needs to eat, Eater to Eater approaches food and tackles kitchen experimentations with unapologetic gusto. We enjoy working with food and consuming the finished products after, but more than that, we love the relationships we build and strengthen along the way.

Eater to Eater is an alias of Reader to Reader, a non-profit literacy organization based in Amherst, MA. Reader to Reader is passionate about promoting global literacy and spearheads a variety of related projects including resource donations, an online mentoring program, and college application and readiness programs. Staff, interns, and mentors are connected by this shared passion to champion literacy, but another element that makes us work so well as a never-static, ever-evolving team is that we care for each other: we cheer each other on, support each other, and everything in between. Food serves us in many ways in our efforts to relate to each other—it is an invitation, an icebreaker, a stress reliever, a welcome respite, an outlet for creativity, an opportunity for learning, and so much more.

When one of our interns’ mom realized how much food figured into our office culture, she quipped that we should brand ourselves Eater to Eater. Thus was born the moniker that so astutely captures Reader to Reader’s relationship with and love for food. We end up collaborating in the kitchen fairly often and this blog is an attempt to capture a piece of the laughter, fun, and scrumptiousness that ensues.

Whether your have Reader to Reader ties or you just fortuitously stumbled across this, welcome! We hope you enjoy this window into the kitchen of a our quirky, close-knit literacy organization and that you are inspired to play around in your kitchen!