Sweetened Sweets

Long time no post! Things have really been starting up at Reader to Reader as the minions began rolling back in, which means Eater to Eater has been taking a bit of a toll… but we have good plans to populate this blog with food very soon, with the help of the minions!

Following the Herrell’s business trip, my sweet tooth has become officially incurable, so the only way I could quell its constant demands was to eat more sweets. If you can’t beat it, eat it, am I right?

The other day, I had sweet potatoes lying around in my house and I figured I should put them out of their uneaten misery by bringing them into the office and making Matang, a popular Korean street snack. It consists of generous chunks of sweet potatoes fried to crispy perfection, then rolled in a gooey sugar melt, and left to cool until the sugars crystallize over the surface of the potatoes. Growing up, my mother used to sprinkle (actually, dump) toasted sesame seed over them to give these ooey gooey morsels a savory bite–a finishing touch I regret not having replicated this time around.

Just because I’m lazy and I hate cleaning greasy pots, I baked the sweet potatoes on a foil lined baking sheet after the chunks had been tossed in oil, and it worked fine. Then I eyeballed my way through the candying process, basically crossing my fingers and hoping that these wouldn’t turn into a sweet sweet potato mash. And they didn’t!


Some at the office were stunned that these naturally sweet vegetables could be further sweetened and remain delicious, and one even claimed that this is the most she has ever enjoyed one of her least favorite vegetables (no, I didn’t bribe her)!

In my honest opinion, it was a little too mushy compared to the ones I’m used to eating, but I have nothing to blame except my own carelessness and forgetfulness. I may or may not have forgotten about and left the potatoes in the oven for like an hour, but a cook can’t be perfect, right?


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