Business Trip

For those interested, we here at Reader to Reader firmly believe that a crucial part of running an effective mentoring-based nonprofit organization is active scouting. We make it a point to warmly usher people into the heavy but important task of global literacy, hoping that our enthusiastic presence will seep into their eager young minds (and get them to work for us and make us baked goods… huh?). It only made sense then for the entire team to make the long, dreaded trek from the Cadigan to Amherst College on one fine afternoon and, with nothing but burning love for literacy, make our presence known to the fresh batch of future minions waiting to be “oriented” for college.

As you can see, our trip to the ice cream truck in the first year quad was an altruistic endeavor. Those delicious chocolate sprinkles piled atop creamy scoops of peanut butter and chocolate were hard-earned sustenance, I tell you! And if you’re the kind of skeptic that believes that we knew the ice cream truck was arriving promptly at 1:30pm in front of Frost library, ready to serve free Herrell’s ice cream in many flavors… You may or may not be right. But I will not give you the satisfaction of affirming your rightness publicly, on this justice-charged blog post.


And so, we spent an entire hour physically advocating for the cause of global literacy on campus by immersing ourselves in what we call “a line” in front of said “ice cream truck,” mostly because we firmly believe that osmosis is a legitimate mechanism! After spending some time transmitting our faith in R2R’s cause from our minds to others’, we were charged with the arduous task of contemplating the many options offered in the truck and devouring every bit (so as not to let anything go to waste)… Oh were we stuffed! Yes yes there was some delicious dairy and the best sprinkles I’ve ever had and such, but we were mostly stuffed with a heightened passion for social justice and mobilizing others to do the same… hehe. hehe.

As if I hadn’t proved myself enough, I walked away with a battle scar (sigh):


Don’t worry readers, I’ll get through this injury just fine. I’ll be back in time to make another post… very soon.


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