Bababa babanana

“This is the best banana bread I’ve ever had!”
True testimonial by Jen, Mentor Support Coordinator 2017-2018


Those who bake know what I mean when I say this… but when bananas are getting to the stage where fruit flies begin to call them home, it’s a good time. That is, when you have a few cups of flour, some eggs, sugar and other baking supplies you just “happen to keep around the office”. Oh, am I speaking about us? Absolutely. Are our cupboards full of said “baking supplies”? Oh definitely.

Like I said, we’ve been keeping the oven toasty, despite the fact that our minions have not yet returned. And it doesn’t stop us from having the entire loaf in one day. In case you don’t believe us, ta-daaa:


I’m nibbling on that last piece on the pan as I type this.

The recipe called for 3 to 4 ripe medium bananas and, being the enthusiasts we are, we went for 4 large bananas. We’re so glad we did. This bread was a delightful balance of dense and sweet, while being spongey and crisp on the outside. I’ve tested many a recipes in which the banana “bread” was closer to banana-scented cake. I do love my crumbly coffee cakes and all, but I usually expect a dense body of banana when I dig into my banana bread… So thankfully, I got to accompany my daily dose of caffeine with a huge slab of this scrumptious perfection, as we the people of Eater to Eater spent time talking about more food. See what I mean by a good time?

By the way, (silly Betty Crocker) the recipe calls for quite a long period of cooling, but you can bet that I was not willing to wait until it cooled to room temperature. We went for it, and regretted nothing. And for the musical fanatics out there, we were listening to the Waitress playlist to boost our baking enthusiasm! If you can guess which two songs out of this playlist were particularly helpful to our adventure, I might share my next banana bread with you and declare myself to be your best friend 😉


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