If you thought “Hmm maybe they won’t warm up the oven until the minions arrive,” you are a silly goose. Thank you very much (I think), but you overestimate our self-control! While the studious minions are a great vehicle of excuse for us to keep the oven going every day, our sweet tooths (teeth?) were growing impatient. As you can see, all three “service members” have strong and healthy sweet tooths that will keep the R2R office smelling like sugar and spice and everything nice!

With that said, if you’ve been losing sleep about not being able to see oven-fresh creations updated regularly as of late, we’ll make you very happy:

Yesterday, we had a box of pumpkin bread mix tucked away in our cupboard at home, so we brought it to the office and gave it the treatment every delicious dessert deserves: a handful of dark chocolate chips. Of course, pumpkin spice aroma ensued and we were waiting eagerly for the full hour it stayed in the oven. Then, we packed up our bags with kettle cooked chips, Black Sheep sandwiches (courtesy of Dennis–thank you!!) and the whole loaf of freshly baked goodness and headed out to the green pastures (hehe) of Amherst College for our very first picnic. After hours of soaking in the sun, enjoying each other’s company and chomping our way through every morsel of our delicious picnic, I think I can speak for all of us… We’re pretty darn happy.


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