As you may or may not know, there has been a change in staff here at Reader to Reader. Well, more accurately, new “service members” (as we do not call ourselves “employees”) have entered the R2R scene and we’re ready to whip up new content for our avid followers! You can say that R2R will continue to take our food very seriously.

So allow me to introduce myself! I am Ha Ram (yes, both syllables are part of my first name…feel free to take a stab at pronouncing it!): a former minion of 4 years and a freshly graduated adult(ish), serving Reader to Reader as a Commonwealth Corps member. If you were ever worried about the thesis student who single-handedly destroyed 10 boxes of brownies (and more) at R2R in the spring, you are quite familiar with me. But worry no more–I am still alive and breathing! Lucky for you all, I will continue to update this site and continue the legacy left behind by our wonderful Sylvia. All that said, it is a great pleasure to introduce myself as the new “I” here on Eater to Eater.

As you can see from the featured image, I am a master chef. If you’ve heard of the technique called “charring”, let me tell you that it is an art. It is an art so universal, so versatile, and so wonderful that today, on August 23rd 2017, I have decided to break free from the limits of the things that are appropriate to char (say, a well-seasoned steak). That’s right, folks. I charred (not burned!) a sandwich. The next time you decide to warm up your sandwich from the day before, kick up the heat a notch, walk away from it, forget about it and consequentially and make Gordon Ramsay happy by applying the technique. Send him (and me!) a photo of your charred sandwich. Then you’ll see what I mean! It is absolutely, mouth-wateringly…


Alas, I threw away the bread part, nibbled on the roast beef then snacked on leftover brownies instead. As I have always known and today confirmed, brownies are life. Happy eating, everyone!



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