Bababa babanana

"This is the best banana bread I've ever had!" True testimonial by Jen, Mentor Support Coordinator 2017-2018   Those who bake know what I mean when I say this... but when bananas are getting to the stage where fruit flies begin to call them home, it's a good time. That is, when you have … Continue reading Bababa babanana



If you thought "Hmm maybe they won't warm up the oven until the minions arrive," you are a silly goose. Thank you very much (I think), but you overestimate our self-control! While the studious minions are a great vehicle of excuse for us to keep the oven going every day, our sweet tooths (teeth?) were … Continue reading Kickoff!


As you may or may not know, there has been a change in staff here at Reader to Reader. Well, more accurately, new "service members" (as we do not call ourselves "employees") have entered the R2R scene and we're ready to whip up new content for our avid followers! You can say that R2R will … Continue reading Greetings!