Monkey Reunion + Monkey Bread = Happy Monkeys

Last week, one of my close friends and a former mentor, Michelle Huang, came to visit all the way from California, and let’s just say we did a lot of monkeying around. Now maybe I should back up and give you all a little bit of context. Michelle and I first met at Reader to … Continue reading Monkey Reunion + Monkey Bread = Happy Monkeys


Cheese Platter: Cookie Edition?

Lately, we've enjoyed an abundance of brownies at the office. We usually keep at least a box or two of boxed brownie mix around as "emergency baking mixes." This means that on Fridays when we don't have tea time officially planned or on days when we just have the munchies for sweets, we can quickly … Continue reading Cheese Platter: Cookie Edition?

The Adventure of Making “Just a Chocolate Cake”

I have recently realized that picking recipes for tea time is an intricate balance between satisfying our own cravings and making a kitchen crew-friendly dish that the mentors will also enjoy. And this week, I was craving cake. Now that sounds like a relatively simple craving to satisfy, but because it was a religious holiday, I … Continue reading The Adventure of Making “Just a Chocolate Cake”