Minions Galore!

Here, at Reader to Reader, we like to refer to our mentors as minions. Now of course this is purely out of love and affection (and our secret—or not-so-secret—mission to take over the world with books). And in their honor, we decided to hold a minion-themed study break. As recent college graduates ourselves, we know just how crazy this time of the semester can get, so we wanted to give our minions the opportunity to take a break from their responsibilities and come hang out with us. Of course we had plenty of food (more to come on that in just a second), but we also had board games! Lots and lots of board games. Oh, and the best part is that many of these board games were minion-themed! So we had minion-themed Monopoly, Trouble, Operation, Life, Uno, and playing cards. We also had non-minion-themed games including Jenga and Scrabble.

But now back to what you’ve all been waiting for: FOOD! We strongly considered making minion-themed food, but we couldn’t come up with anything that would be doable en masse. And that was when we came up with chips and dips, which definitely seemed to be something that could be easily enjoyed while playing board games.

On the menu, we had:

The dips were accompanied by pita, tortilla chips, and Italian bread. And in true Eater to Eater fashion, we had have a dessert dip, so we made cannoli dip from Homemade Hooplah, accompanied by waffle cone pieces. And what would chips and dips be without beverages? We made some spiced apple cider (recipe modified from The Kitchn), and also had the usual tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

The hummus was really popular at our Mentor Welcome Back Bash, so we just knew it had to make a reappearance. Everything else was a new experience for us, but we really enjoyed making all of the dips. They all had a very distinct taste, which probably explained why everyone had their own preference. But I must say, I think the crowd favorite was the spinach artichoke dip, which came hot out of the oven shortly after the study break started. I mean, just look at the cheesy golden crust.


Two of our mentors playing Jenga while surrounded by food

All in all, I think everyone who came had a great time! Maybe we’ll have a study break next semester as well 🙂

– Kunali


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