New School Year, Same Eater to Eater

With the beginning of the academic year comes the beginning of the mentoring year, complete with the return of our 140 current mentors and 134 students already registered to start connecting on our online forums! Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there; we’re currently in the midst of interviewing and training new mentors and registering new students, so by the end of the month, we’ll probably have closer to 200 mentors and 375 students!

Before the semester really gets into full swing and our mentors get busy with schoolwork and other extracurricular activities, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome them back for another wonderful year of mentoring. In honor of our mentors. we held our annual Mentor Welcome Back Bash in order to celebrate all of the amazing work they’ve already done (and undoubtedly will continue to do).

Many of our mentors came to mingle, catch up with us and each other, and unwind after the start of their first full week of classes.

And of course no party (or any Eater to Eater Reader to Reader gathering, for that matter) would be complete without lots and lots of yummy food because as we all know, food is the ultimate connector of people. You’ll probably notice that a lot of our mentors didn’t venture too far from the food tables. Clearly, they’ve found the right organization to work with 🙂

Now for the big reveal of what food we actually served! With no further ado…


A custom-made cheese platter with wedges of brie and cubes of cheddar, swiss, and a colby-cheddar blend, accompanied by grapes


We served our cheese with cantaloupe and an assortment of crackers from Trader Joe’s, including Original and Pepper & Poppy Seed Water Crackers, and Wheat and Vegetable Entertainer Crackers (for you cracker connoisseurs out there)


Homemade hummus (recipe from The Middle Eastern Kitchen by Rukmini Iyer), served with pita bread, whole wheat pita bread, celery sticks, and carrot sticks


Orange hazelnut chocolate torte (gluten-free) from NeighborFood


Pear cardamom crisp from Snixy Kitchen

– Kunali


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