Mentor Bash 2017!

Truth be told: It's been over a week since the actual bash. Even looking back at it, it was a good time of good food and good company 🙂 I gotta say, Reader to Reader does it right!


Sweetened Sweets

Long time no post! Things have really been starting up at Reader to Reader as the minions began rolling back in, which means Eater to Eater has been taking a bit of a toll... but we have good plans to populate this blog with food very soon, with the help of the minions! Following the … Continue reading Sweetened Sweets

Business Trip

For those interested, we here at Reader to Reader firmly believe that a crucial part of running an effective mentoring-based nonprofit organization is active scouting. We make it a point to warmly usher people into the heavy but important task of global literacy, hoping that our enthusiastic presence will seep into their eager young minds … Continue reading Business Trip


If you thought "Hmm maybe they won't warm up the oven until the minions arrive," you are a silly goose. Thank you very much (I think), but you overestimate our self-control! While the studious minions are a great vehicle of excuse for us to keep the oven going every day, our sweet tooths (teeth?) were … Continue reading Kickoff!


As you may or may not know, there has been a change in staff here at Reader to Reader. Well, more accurately, new "service members" (as we do not call ourselves "employees") have entered the R2R scene and we're ready to whip up new content for our avid followers! You can say that R2R will … Continue reading Greetings!

The Adventure of Making “Just a Chocolate Cake”

I have recently realized that picking recipes for tea time is an intricate balance between satisfying our own cravings and making a kitchen crew-friendly dish that the mentors will also enjoy. And this week, I was craving cake. Now that sounds like a relatively simple craving to satisfy, but because it was a religious holiday, I … Continue reading The Adventure of Making “Just a Chocolate Cake”